300-Hour Advanced Self-Awakening Yoga Teacher Training

Directed by Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton, Ph. D. (Brahmanand),  

Pre-requisite: 200-Hour certification from any Yoga Alliance registered school. 

"The practice is not to gain external anything.
The practice is to gain consciousness.

Amba Stapleton

100-Hour Modules

self-awakening pranassage innerquest

We believe that the experience of yoga has the potential to integrate every dimension of our being. The comprehensive curriculum is structured to provide the optimal opportunity for offering diversified skills that prepare graduates to teach in a wide variety of settings and ability levels in groups, one-on-one sessions and extended workshops.

Our 200-Hour program mentors teachers in-training with the conscious awareness to learn from their own hatha yoga experiences, and prepares the foundations for teaching the yoga that arises from their own creativity.

Our 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training builds upon this foundation, developing educators who can access their skills in three distinct, yet complementary modalities as mentioned below.

Upon completion you are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500.

What services will I be able to offer upon graduation?


  1. Teach Self Awakening Yoga® to individuals and groups. Drawn from Brahmanand’s book of the same name, Self Awakening Yoga can be used as a therapeutic complete practice for individuals working with specific health challenges, as well as serving as a foundation for students of all levels to deepen body awareness and to access the limitlessness of the body’s intelligence. Read more...

  2. Offering Pranassage® as a certified practitioner.  Developed by Amba after years of teaching yoga to private clients, this unique method of hands-on assists can be used in both regular group classes, and in one-on-one sessions to increase sensation, body awareness and deep relaxation through the use of touch. The most valuable outcome is developing the attitude of non-judgmental self-awareness throughout all yoga practices.  Read more...

  3. Become a Yoga Guide through the Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator®. Learn how to bring the philosophy of non-authoritative teaching to life, developing effective listening and communication skills, while partnering with and empowering the students who come to you for support. Read more...





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