Don and Amba’s Journey Continues

For over 40 years Don and Amba Stapleton have been offering a unique non-authoritarian, inquiry-based yoga curriculum that addresses the multi-dimensional Self, from the physical health of the body, to the fulfillment and peace of the individual. Drawing from their lifelong immersion in hatha yoga practices, and their years of committed learning and dedicated teaching, they masterfully bring to their programs a depth of embodied knowledge and a wealth of authentic experience.
Don and Amba lived an ashram lifestyle for many years until Don became CEO and Dean of Yoga Education at the largest residential yoga center in the United States, the Kripalu Center founded by Yogi Amrit Desai. In 1994, they envisioned the creation of a unique school of yoga nestled in the pristine tropical jungle bordering the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica and founded the prestigious, internationally renowned Nosara Yoga Institute. For over 20 years Don and Amba have directed professional yoga teacher trainings graduating over 3,000 students from all over the world.
Together they carefully crafted professional yoga teacher trainings that provide an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of hatha yoga utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, that offers insight into the different styles of yoga being taught today, while leading students to discover the unique yoga that comes from inside each one.
All trainings are aimed at guiding students in developing a balanced, healthy lifestyle, at learning important community-building skills, and at integrating leading-edge teaching techniques with business practices, that will support students in creating their own successful yoga teaching career and will help them sustain their personal yoga practice throughout a lifetime.
The natural evolution of Don and Amba’s work recently led them to relocate from the beach town of Nosara, to the mountains of Costa Rica. From here, the Nosara Yoga Institute has been renamed Self-Awakening Yoga® to transmit the essence of the unique style of yoga that Don and Amba offer and implying that, no matter the geographical location, each program is designed to offer a propitious environment where students can transform from the inside out and can awaken their own innate capacity to create new forms of expression that evolve yoga and positively nurture culture.

The 200 Hour Self-Awakening Yoga® Vinyasa Teacher Training 

Supports an exploration of the fundamentals of what is common to all yoga styles, while enabling students to discover their unique expression and style of yoga and to create a context for offering their skills in a way that supports their life purpose. Students will gain familiarity with teaching a wide range of classes for varying fitness and experience levels, and gain confidence in adapting teaching methodologies that make their classes effective for the students, and the teacher, as well.


The 300 Hour Advanced Self-Awakening Yoga® Teacher Training

Track includes three 100-hour modules:

Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutic Essentials® - An in-depth study and practice of the movement inquiries, theory and philosophy described in Don’s Book Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body`s Own Wisdom. This training will increase your ability to respond to the special needs of your students with physical limitation. Paradoxically you will also be able to teach from a deeper understanding of Kundalini yoga and the pranic energy that flows through you and your students. This training will take the lid off what you think yoga postures are and take you back to where it all began: movement directed from within instead of without.

Pranassage® Practitioner Training - Created by Amba Stapleton, this module is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in both the receiver and the giver. In this training, you learn how to physically move your client’s body into a flow of positions, allowing them to remain passive, so that they can feel each position from the inside out. As you guide their bodies through interesting sequences of movement, the receiver can witness forgotten possibilities for motion and action, creating balance and relief throughout every part of their being. This form of effortless movement reeducates and neurologically reorganizes the receiver’s physical being, replacing inefficient patterns with fluid, harmonious and efficient movements.

Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator® - Is the integrative module required for professional level certification. This program refines your listening skills and ability to respond to your students without just giving advice. We learn to “Say Back” what we are hearing in such a way as to stimulate the discovery from within. The role as yoga teacher that we are developing in this module, we are calling the "Yoga Guide®".

Please note that Don and Amba are currently on sabbatical and have not yet set training dates for 2019. If you would like to keep abreast of the developments of Self-Awakening Yoga® and find out when Don and Amba will be teaching again, feel free to write to:
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With great joy and anticipation in sharing the yoga journey with you, once again we welcome you to Self-Awakening Yoga®.


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