Let Don Guide You: Self-Awakening Movement Inquires, from Don’s Yoga As Is CD Series






CD #1

Inquiry 1: What is the purpose of Self-Awakening Yoga and the  "As Is Principle"?

Inquiry 2: How does my body release into gravity


CD #2

Inquiry 3: How do I see through the window of my eyes

Inquiry 4: Where is my center of energy


CD #3

Inquiry 5: How does my body reach, roll and twist

Inquiry 6: Where is the seam of my side


CD #4

Inquiry 7: Where Are My Sitz Bone Achors

Inquiry 8: Finding Effortless Effort In The Middle Of Perpetual Motion


CD #5

Inquiry 9: Discovering Belly Centered Breathing

Inquiry 10: Discovering My Front Side


CD #6

Inquiry 11: How Do I Move From Center

Inquiry 12: Finding Home At The Wall

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