Don and Amba’s Journey Continues


Our Journey from Nosara, Costa Rica to the brand new
1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California

The story of Self-Awakening Yoga unfolds from our 40-year-old love affair with yoga during which we, Don (Brahmanand) and Amba have been engaged in the study, practice and teaching of what we love most in life—Yoga. From the depths of our own personal inquiries into how we learn to learn from our own, authentic experiences in life, we have been inventing and refining ways that stimulate self-development and creative fulfillment. Twenty years ago, we began to combine our efforts into founding the Nosara Yoga Institute as a place to guide others in discovering their own way of practicing and teaching yoga with skillfulness and satisfaction.

Before founding the Nosara Yoga Institute in 1994 with Amba, Don was the CEO and Dean of Yoga Education at the largest residential yoga center in the United States, Kripalu Center founded by Yogi Amrit Desai. As yoga students, both of us lived an ashram lifestyle for many years. From our own immersion in Hatha Yoga practices, and lifelong dedication to the service of teaching, we provide a depth of knowledge drawn from personal experience.

For 22 years, we poured our love, energy and resources into generating the vision and manifestation of Nosara Yoga Institute.
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Now we have decided it is time to simplify.  We will continue to teach the Nosara Yoga Curriculum, now under a new name, Self-Awakening Yoga, but no longer at our own school. We have closed the doors to NYI in Nosara, and opening relationships with other schools, starting with the brand new 1440 Multiversity in the Redwoods of Scotts Valley, California, near Santa Cruz. We will continue to live in Costa Rica, but will travel abroad to teach.

1440 Multiversity provides a wonderful new home for us. The mission statement of the founders Scott and Joanie Kriens shares the spirit of our intentions in training yoga educators:

The Nosara Yoga Story

When you study with us, we trust that you will find a stimulating environment to help you deepen your own relationship to life through exploring the yoga you are born to live, practice and share with the world around you.


– Amba and Don (Brahmanand)



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