Amba Stapleton, E-RYT 500
Co-Creator of Self-Awakening Yoga



Amba came to yoga with a background in dance and music, having been influenced by her grandmother as a living example of the healing power of a healthy body and mind connection. Through the study and practice of yoga Amba discovered a deep sense of integration. As a yoga practitioner and yoga educator for over 30 years, she is passionate about finding the link-ups between science and mysticism. An avid researcher into the latest studies in neuroscience, neurobiology, neurochemistry and exercise physiology, she is always willing to true-up the evidence of science within her personal experience and connection to the unseen forces ever at play in her own life, health and fulfillment.

Amba’s classes are filled with humor, joy, laughter and tears. Through her vast knowledge of physical alignment, she skillfully guides each student and teacher-in-training toward a grounded connection with one’s own body as the foundation for engaging all of the dimensions of one’s multidimensional experience. From her artistry in accessing emotional intelligence, to honoring the wisdom inherent in the subtleties of energetic release she invites an awakening into the spiritual dimensions of the whole Self. From her perspective, all dimensions are equally integral to one’s wholeness. The results of her guided classes and teacher trainings will always land as an integrated sense of being at home in one’s whole self. Her DVD, Where Rhythm and Gravity Meet demonstrates her understanding of the importance of these principles of Meta-Physics.

What makes Amba such an effective trainer of teachers is her ability to inspire others to develop trust in “the teacher within” by simply “being herself”. She is known and loved for her ability to create dynamic classes, while at the same time generating a relaxed atmosphere of self-acceptance. She is more interested in revealing her humanness than hiding her faults and will be the first one to burp or ask… “ Hmmmm . . . Where was I? Someone help me out.”

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