The Self-Awakening Yoga Teacher



What distinguishes a Self-Awakening Yoga Teacher?

A Self-Awakening Yoga Teacher is a yogi who is forever learning and applying what she learns to her daily life and to her yoga teaching. Her teaching comes from what she has digested from her own experience and finds true to herself.  He doesn’t use the props of some authority outside himself. He stands in what he knows and offers that to others, not as the final authority or Truth, but as authentically his experience. She asks of her students to experiment with her teachings—to try on what she says as though it is written in “disappearing ink”, as Buckminster Fuller wisely stated. She invites her students to keep what is applicable and throw away the rest.

A Self-Awakening Yoga Teacher
 is self-taught. From his own yoga practice he gains direct wisdom and inspiration. This does not mean he never studies with other teachers. On the contrary, he is forever curious to know other perspectives. She enjoys being the student of many different traditions or disciplines. She is curious and fascinated with the cutting edge sciences from medicine to quantum physics, from neurobiology to psycho-emotional psychology. Whatever contributes to the evolution of human consciousness is important to the life-long learning of a Self-Awakening Yoga teacher.

A Self-Awakening Yoga Teacher
 acknowledges where he has studied, from whom he has received his masterful instruction -- yet does not give his power over to his past teachers. He honors them and is grateful for what he has received from them, but he stands on his own two feet as he teaches. She owns the wisdom flowing through her. In all humility and oftentimes humor she teaches with great passion and spontaneity.



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